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New Domain Names

Instant Download Domain Name

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So you want to be able to understand the dot onion domain name you run. We call it being “human-readable” or a “vanity onion URL”. “YourHiddenPeeled.Onion” is a whole lot easier to read and remember than “saotit4onis8saiy.onion”. This can be accomplished with a work from your GPU and/or CPU generating the needed matching 256-bit encrypted key. Facebook did it and settled for “facebookcorewwwi.onion”.

Above you will see a list of Onion Domain available for purchase, we have spent a lot of man-hours to generate those domain names!

But still if you are unable to find your desired domain name, you can order a custom domain name.

Once you purchased a domain name, it will instantly be removed from sale and also you have only 7 Days and 3 tries for the HOSTNAME and PRIVATE KEY files Download, after that it will be gone forever. (No Refund, once you have to download the files).