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Is your service offers 56 characters long tor domain?

V2 Domain

Currently we are offering V2 for Pre-Generated Domains, soon we will start to adding V3 Domains for Instant Purchase.

V3 Domain

We are currently offering Custom Domain Generating for V3. You can place an order from

To Change Tor from V3 to V2?

Tor now defaults to creating v3 onion services that are 56 characters long.

These two types of onion services use different crypto and store their keys on disk differently.

If you want to create a v2 onion service using this key from our website:

  1. Stop Tor
  2. Delete /var/lib/tor/hidden_service (or whatever your HiddenServiceDir is)
  3. Edit the torrc (/etc/tor/torrc) to include HiddenServiceVersion 2 under the HiddenServiceDir line
  4. Start Tor
  5. Stop Tor and verify /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/private_key exists. Take note of its ownership and permissions
  6. Replace /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/private_key with the one from Make sure it has the same ownership and permissions as the original. You can delete the hostname file or just ignore it. It doesn’t matter.
  7. Start Tor. The hostname file should now contain your vanity v2 onion address.

What happens if I buy a Domain (key) from you?

As soon as your payment confirms domain name instantly removed from our sites, as well as Private Key file, it will be removed within 7 days even you downloaded the private key or not!

Refund Policy?

We only offer if you haven’t download the private key, otherwise, there is no refund.

Refund Policy for Custom Domain?

If we are unable to generate the domain name you ask for within a given time, we will refund the full amount, you may need to pay the bitcoin transactions fee.